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Footprints Early Years Ltd

Established in 2018, Footprints Early Years Ltd offers a range of childcare options to the public including preschool, after school care, and camp. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of childcare and early education to our students.

We are also proud to provide AIM (The Access and Inclusion Model) for children and families who may have extra needs. The goal of AIM, and our own goal as well, is to create an environment which is inclusive to all children attending our preschool.

Every child who attends preschool, after school care, or camp at Footprints Early Years Ltd is treated as the unique individual that they are so that we can support and encourage the development of their own personality, imagination and creativity.

About Us

At Footprints Early Years Ltd, we are dedicated to providing the environment and tools that each child needs to be able to thrive to the best of their abilities. We employ a progressive and holistic early childhood education philosophy to be able to understand each child’s unique needs and interests.

Our team of educators at both Footprints Early Years Ltd sites understand that exposing children to different environments and various learning experiences is important for them in building their sense of self. This is why every child which comes into our care is allowed to explore the world around them visually, and through different experiences planned in the curriculum.

Our aim here at Footprints Early Years Ltd is to have all children leaving us in a position which they are comfortable in their abilities and excited to continue their learning as they enter their primary education.


2.5 years to 5 years of age

Footprints Early Years Ltd preschool programme is designed with each child in mind. Our preschool is provided for children between the ages of 2.5 and 5 years old, and is intended to prepare them for their coming years in primary education.

All activities and lessons that the children who attend our centres partake in have been developed with your child’s emotional and physical well-being in mind. As well, Footprints Early Years Ltd provides a caring, encouraging, and safe environment for each child to really become themselves.

To ensure the safety of all the children in our care, we exercise a ratio of 2 or more early year teachers for 11 children.

After School

5.5 years to 12 years of age

Footprints Early Years Ltd provides an after school day-care programme at both of our childcare centres. This service is offered for children between the ages of 5.5 years and 12 years old.

All the children who attend our after school programme are offered both indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) activities, as well as help with any homework they may have. Our centre offers a variety of fun things for all children to do, whether it be group activities or individual play.


2.5 years to 12 years of age

At Footprints Early Years Ltd, we also provide a camp at both of our day-care centres for children between the ages of 2.5 and 12 year old.

Our camp programme comes with the same values and environments which we strive to give the children during the term time. One that will encourage them to be their authentic selves and to develop their personality, as well as their emotional and physical self.

Camp at Footprints Early Years Ltd consists of indoor and outdoor activities that are meant to spark the interest of all children. Everything from board games to sports activities are available for your child to have a great time. We offer a two-week camp during the summer holiday, as well as an Easter camp, a Halloween camp, and a mid-term camp too!  Call Us for exact dates. 


At Footprints Early Years Ltd, we employ a play-based curriculum for all of the children at our centres. It has been shown that children learn through playing, so we have created a fun and stimulating environment and curriculum to not only forward your child’s cognitive and mental development, but also to encourage their creativity and curiosity! Although we do have a set curriculum in which we follow, we also like to follow each child’s interest during the day.

Below are some of the activities we offer your child.


  • Drama

  • Science Experiments

  • Arts and Craft

  • Painting

  • Outdoor Game

  • Sports

  • Drawing

  • Group Activities

  • Board Games

  • Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Reading

  • Dancing

  • Story Telling

  • And so much more…

Our Staff

Footprints Early Years Ltd is owned and managed by Racheal Govan, who has worked in the childcare sector both nationally and internationally since 2012. Racheal is passionate about early childhood education, and is also a LINC (Leadership for Inclusion) tutor. When she finished her schooling in 2018, she decided to open her own pre-school, which now has two locations in Dublin.

All of the early year teachers that are employed at Footprints Early Years Ltd are qualified childcare practitioners who have years of experience backing them. We are proud to have a staff that is full of diversity with teachers who come from different countries and different backgrounds. We believe this will help children open their minds and understand the diverse nature of the world around them.

Inchicore Team

Tanya Kavanagh

Tanya Kavanagh

My name is Tanya Kavanagh I have been the manager in Footprints Early Year’s Inchicore branch since it opened in 2019. I am a mother of two children and have been working in the childcare sector since 2012. I am passionate about working with and guiding children to reach their full potential. I am a fun, loving and energetic person. I enjoy the fact that everyday in Footprints early years is non-identical, and I am surrounded by a great team who support each other. I have a BA (hons) degree in Early childhood studies.

Tina Rooney

Tina Rooney 

My name is Tina Rooney, I am a mother of six children. I currently work as a preschool and after school teacher. I have 9 years of experience working with children. I have my FETAC level 5 in early childhood studies. I am a hardworking, loving person who really enjoys working with children.

Amy Rooney

Amy Rooney

My name is Amy Rooney, I currently work as an after school teacher in the afternoons. I have worked in childcare since 2009 and I love the fun and energetic atmosphere since day one in Footprints. I currently have FETAC level 5 in early childhood education, I am a Mother of two children and love all animals.

Kelly Connolly

Kelly Connolly - relief staff

My name is Kelly Connolly, I currently work as relief staff part time, as a teacher in Footprints early years. I love travelling and speaking different languages. I enjoy trying out new foods from different cultures and celebrating different traditions. I absolutely adore children and love working with them. I have FETAC level 6 in supervision in early childhood education. I am currently working my way towards my Degree in Early Childhood Studies.

Mercedes Paniagua

Mercedes Paniagua

My name is Mercedes, I am 26 years old and I am from Spain. I am a qualified in primary school teaching and qualified in Early Education. I have been working with children since 2019. I love to learn new languages and learn about new cultures.

Marrowbone Lane Team

Sarah Montgomery

Sarah Montgomery

My name is Sarah Montgomery, I have worked in childcare for over 10 years. I have worked my way through each level and am now at management. I have learned so much on my journey through childcare as well as completing my honors degree. I love working in Footprints now as it is the perfect environment of care, fun and education. Every day spent working with children is an adventure and it brings a smile to my face.

Amanda Mockle

Amanda Mockler

My name is Amanda Mockler, I am a mother of twins. I work in the afternoons as an after school teacher in Footprints. I have been working in childcare for 15 years now and enjoy everyday working with children. I have FETAC level 5 in early childhood education and I am currently studying for the level 6 award from The Leadership and Inclusion programme.

Sophie kirwan

Sophie Kirwan

My name is Sophie Kirwan. I've always loved being around and caring for children.I currently have my QQI FETAClevel 5 and working with both preschool and after school children as a teacher. I am fun and outgoing and really enjoy my job.

Nicole Kenny

Nicole Kenny

My name is Nicole Kenny, I am currently working in Footprints as a preschool and afterschool teacher. This is my first job working in childcare and i enjoy everyday working with children. I have FETAC level 5 in early childhood education. I really love how everyday in childcare is different, which makes working with children even more enjoyable.a

Robyn Golledge

Robyn Golledge

My name is Robyn Golledge, I currently work as an after school teacher in the afternoons. I love the fun and energetic atmosphere since day one in Footprints. I currently have FETAC level 6 in early childhood education and I am currently working towards my level 8 Hons degree.

Samantha O’ Regan

Samantha O’ Regan

My name is Samantha O’Regan, I currently work as a preschool teacher under AIM. I am a mother of 3 children and have many years experience of working with children. I currently have FETAC level 5 in early childhood education. I brings me joy to be able to work with children.


Fee Options

Fee Type
ECCE Available?Session Start TimeIncorporated
Additional InfoHrs per
Days per
Hours per weekFull Fee
ECCE – 3
2y 8m -
5y 8m
ELCYes09:00No  35150028/08/2023 
Preschool Part-time
2y 6m -
5y 11m
ELCYes09:00No  4.5522.5€113.5031.2528/08/2023 
Afterschool4y - 12y
SACNo13:00No We collect children from
1pm from schools.

Fee Extras

TypeExtrasAmountDescriptionAdditional Details/Conditions Effective From Effective To
Deposit 50€50 returned once registration is approved 28/08/2023 


We recently sponsored St. Patrick's Athletics team against Drogeheda United well done to our local team.

We are excited to announce we are expanding our team. We are hiring a part-time preschool teacher for the hours of 9 to 1. This position is as an Aims support teacher and we will be looking for an experienced preschool teacher with a minimum requirement of fetac level five early years qualification.

Footprints Early Years Ltd FAQ

  • I am looking for a preschool near me, where are you located?

    Footprints Early Years Ltd has two locations that are based in Dublin. The first is located on Marrowbone Lane in Merchants Quay, and the second is located in Inchicore. Please feel free to call or email the location suitable for you to find out about availability.

  • What ages do you offer pre-school for?

    Our pre-school program here at Footprints Early Years Ltd caters to children between the ages of 2.5 and 5.5 years old.

  • Does your childcare programmes give time for physical activity?

    Of course! Children who come to Footprints Early Years get time every day outside for physical activity as well as games and activities inside. Also, we have the team from Lightning Legs come to our centres once a week to lead a physical activity class that is fun for everyone.